He does not surely forget.

So that it may get used also to a life in a town
every for a while and your smiling face may also become great sadness of the bruise of the heart
which is not failure also blows out all tonight, and flows It changes.
A town light's also changing a form and attaching resting its cheeks on hands It is gazing.
Happy Birthday which night visits Happy Birthday
which forgets you and is not an end in when Likes you
With the joy which put the heart and has been produced
A day called today as you are wrapped is celebrated.
Happy Birthday to You Although it is which also existed the days passed alone pungently
so that it stops also finding the flow at the time, the days which believed that, as for when it is, such sadness is also rewarded,
and were passed, or when a certain should not forget a dream.
The heart in the search answer for Mr. wax shot in a season
Even if it does not arrive Happy Birthday You also in when.
Likes you To the tenderness which is putting and looking for the heart
I will celebrate a day called today as you are wrapped.
Happy Birthday to You whom Day of when Without he forgets because the time of turning round comes Every day
Small him -- present Happy Birthday when -- you -- forgetting --
Happy Birthday which is not carried out him -- likes Joy which put the heart and has been produced him --
a day called today as being wrapped is celebrated Happy Birthday to You

If the birthday of the whole life highest can be sent to you,
I will be fortunate however.
Since I am me